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Chris Coleman, President


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved making things from scratch, so after getting out of the Air Force in 1990, I had an opportunity to learn CNC milling machines. I capitalized on that opportunity and never looked back.  


After a couple of years learning the trade, mills, lathes and wire EDMs, I advanced to prototype lead and then supervisor. Once I had a good understanding of the work on the floor, I moved into upper management and began quoting, managing and processing jobs.


With that perspective, I began to notice that needing to run so many jobs on 5-axis machines was causing a bottleneck. 


Most of the jobs being made on the 5-axis machine, in my opinion, wouldn't require a 5-axis, if we could get to more sides of the part using the 4th-axis machines.  


That’s when Cadillaxis was born.  


Our mission is to create products that help machine shops better utilize the machines they already have in place and be more profitable and productive from day one.

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